The Results Are IN!

  You voted, and we have the results! This was an exciting survey to watch and shows the love Charlestonians have for their craft beer!

 What area of Charleston do you visit the most for breweries?  (top 3 shown)

The Downtown breweries took a commanding lead from the beginning and never looked back. It wasn’t until day 2 that West Ashley and North Charleston made a run for the title. But the lead was too much to overcome.

Total votes 520




What is your current favorite type of beer? (top 3 shown)

This survey was never in doubt. IPA’s ruled with an iron fist and only Wild/Sours gave them any case of the shivers. The rest of the brews clocked in at 6.68% or lower. Bock was the sore loser and is demanding a recount.

Total votes 494




Which coming soon brewery are you the most excited about?

 This was an awesome battle. Fat Pig Brewing and Commonhouse Aleworks went back and forth in the votes. Neither of them led by more than 10 points until the very last couple of hours. The competition between Eulie of Fat Pig and Hank and Pearce of Commonhouse was intense and may have led to a beer drinking and wrestling challenge. We ALL will be the winner if this happens and Chris Winn of Tradesman is rumored to be Eulie’s partner if this comes about.








 From out of left field, Coast Brewery won this survey in the last HOUR.  Yesterday, when the poll started, Charles Towne Fermentory took the lead firmly. Then Frothy Beard showed off its muscle by taking over and passing CTF and holding on to this through the night. But things changed in the morning. Revelry called forth their loyal fans, and flew past everyone. All through the day they held the lead, at times by 40%. Then around noon today, things started to change. Twisted Cypress fans started showing up. Then Holy City Brewing made some ground. And Coast started their rise. Slowly at first, but then with a roar of flaming fermentors flew past all of the competition. It was a thrill to watch this unfold. 

Thank you to everyone that participated. This is an unofficial survey, and no one wins anything. But thank you for your loyalty to your favorite brewery. All of them deeply appreciate your patronage and couldn’t do it with YOU!  

Given the once over by Mrs. List

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