Pawleys Island Brewing Co. Coming soon!


   If you were to draw a line between Holy City Brewery and Freehouse Brewery, and split the difference, you will find Charleston’s newest brewery under construction. In what used to be a specialized transportation garage, there are now trench drains, modern bathrooms, and top of the line brewing equipment. Currently surrounded by a gravel lot, this metal walled building has a huge heart of stainless steel beating in it. 


 Dan, Bill, and Fraser Blake are three brothers intent on building a great brewery in Charleston. Fraser is currently running the building operation and overseeing the line-up of upcoming beers.

​ Their Pawleys Island roots go back to 1910, when their grandfather, Bill Fraser, moved to Georgetown from Groveton, TX. There he played semi-pro baseball, was a salesman for Minor Saw Works, and took up salt water fishing.  In the early 50s he and his wife Virginia bought property on the North end at Pawleys.  Although a fire took the original house, the new house and remaining property would become the summer vacation for the next two generations.  The Blake boys would spend much of their youth at Pawleys flounder fishing, body surfing, and exploring the creek at low tide.  And although their father’s Air Force career took them away from Pawleys to places like England, Germany, and Atlanta, their hearts belonged to the island.  They considered it their anchor point.  

  With a 15 bbl system supported by a 20 bbl mashtun and a whopping 40 bbl hot liquor tank, that’s bringing big guns to the beer fight. Sporting eight 30 bbl fermenters that can also be used as bright tanks promises a never ending supply of delicious beer.  A large seating area around the bar ensures lots of room to stretch out, and if that isn’t enough a patio area is being constructed as well.  All of this space, along with a kitchen, your visit will definitely be a pleasant one. With plans to open in the first half of this year, make sure to keep an eye out for updates on this promising new brewery!










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