Coast Brewing Company

COAST Brewing Company is a family owned craft brewery, on an old Navy base. We make beer we like to drink, simple and done well. We believe in choice organic and local ingredients. But it’s not just about being organic, it’s a certain mind set of considering the environment in everything we do. In fact, we’re not certified organic and have no plans to be-we do it because we believe it’s the right thing. All of our ingredients are listed including which are organic. Welcome and thanks for your continued support!

  • (843) 343-4727
  • 1250 N 2nd Street, North Charleston, SC, 29405

Freehouse Brewing

Freehouse is an expression of beer as we wish it to be. Hand made with organic ingredients. Drinkable. Seasonal. Inspired by our natural setting on the Ashley river in Charleston, SC.

  • 2895 Pringle St, North Charleston, South Carolina, 29405

Holy City Brewing

The Holy City story is about a team of four guys dedicated to craft beer and their community, aiming to bring more of one to the other.

  • (843) 225-5623
  • 1021 Aragon Ave,, North Charleston, South Carolina, 29405

Rusty Bull Brewing

We love to make good beer. We are excited that our beery dream has come true, and appreciate everyone who has helped make it possible.

We like to give back. From time to time, you find us committing our proceeds and networking with cool people who champion causes that we believe in, to help make this world a little better.

From the kitchen stove, to late night sessions on the pilot system in the garage with the boombox blasting, we’ve enjoyed making good beer for years. Now we get to share the love with you.

  • 3005 W. Montague Ave. Ste 110, North Charleston, South Carolina, 29418

SNAFU Brewing Company

Snafu Brewing Company is the best thing to hit town since Dr. Dre dropped “The Chronic.”
Located in North Charleston’s finest neighborhood, Snafu brews bad-ass beer and is run by literally the world’s classiest people.

  • 843-767-4121
  • 3280 Industry Dr, North Charleston, South Carolina