Freehouse Brewery


Tues – Fri 3-8pm

Saturday 1-8pm

Website and beers on tap found HERE

2895 Pringle St, Ste B
North Charleston, South Carolina, SC 29405

  “My first beer ever was a Rolling Rock. My first good beer, Sierra Nevada Pale ale. That’s what got me started.”   I was talking with Arthur Lucas, owner and brewer at Freehouse Brewery.

   “Tasting good beer led to having to make choices. Do I buy an expensive but good 6 pack, or pick up a cheap 12 pack and have more beer. This is what led me to homebrewing.”

  Living in Georgia, Arthur sometimes had to borrow a car just to get the supplies to home brew. “There was nothing close to where we were, so I had to travel to get the ingredients and supplies I needed.  After brewing a short while, I realized I had an inclination to organic beer. First and foremost it is about taste. But it is important to me that I do what I can to help preserve this earth we live on.”

   “When I say I brew organic beer, this means I use certified organic ingredients. They are free from carcinogens, and meet certain standards, are tracked and assessed from harvesting to arriving here at the brewery. I work with the earth, I want to use local organic fruit. The yields are lower and more expensive, but unsprayed crops are more flavorful… and this leads to more flavorful beers.”

  Arthur had been traveling to the Lowcountry coast all of his life, so when he decided to open a brewery he knew the location had to be something special.  

  Located at 2895 Pringle Street, the metal roof building has a beautiful river view and is surrounded by history. It used to be part of the Stark General Hospital. Built in 1941 this facility was used as a debarkation hospital for wounded soldiers during World War II. In late 1945, the land was sold to the city of Charleston and turned into an industrial area. 

  Housed inside now is a 15 bbl brewhouse and multiple 30 bbl fermentors, all proudly made in America. An old 32 bbl dairy tank used to be for the hot water, but now is used as the “funk dank tank, full of goodness”. Part of the uniqueness of this brewery comes from knowing that while you are enjoying yourself at the bar, you are also sitting in the brewery itself. The tanks and tables are all part of the taproom. Arthur wants you to know you are enjoying beer at a brewery.

  “What I  strive for is clean, crisp, flavorful and redrinkable beers. And I want to feel good about the beers we serve here. Simple, clean, balanced are said alot about beers, but in the end, that is what really matters.”

  With a beautiful location, and a beautiful mindset, Freehouse Brewery is definitely a place you need to visit. Plan on staying awhile.

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