Blue Tape Brewing


 “It’s about putting grain in a mash tun and being proud.”

 We first met Mark and Lizz at Craft Conundrum in Charleston. Usually when we meet brewers and owners it’s on their home turf, so this was a unique experience. We are now finding out how breweries get started from the ground up.

  Mark Edwards hails from Springfield Illinois and is the brewer at Blue Tape Brewing. He has had a long career involving beer, as both a bartender and beverage coordinator for various locations. This work association, plus a passion for homebrewing, leads him to his next adventure of building a brewery. Mark strongly believes that beer brings people and opportunities together; by drinking it, making it, and discussing it. “A small place to have a good beer” as he puts it, would bring all these ingredients into one place.

​  Elizabeth Carlson, also from Springfield, runs the business side of Blue Tape. She has spent a lot of time in corporate administration and sees her love of craft beer combining with her past work experience to make a job she loves going to every day.

“Blue Tape is used everywhere and on everything.” Mark told me when I asked about their name. “We label everything with it. Fermenters, bottles, ingredients. It’s important to know what you have to work with, and what you need. We also cut the tape instead of ripping it. It looks better, but also says we are willing to take the time to do  things right. Not cut corners because its easier”.

 Mark has an excellent blog detailing the trials and tribulations of starting a brewery and can be found here:

Follow along and keep checking on them in the months to come as they join the Charleston craft beer family.

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