10 Charleston Summer Beers you should be drinking before Fall.

Pictured is Tart Vader from Two Blokes Brewing

With the approach of Fall, comes the onslaught of Porters, Stouts, and rich Lagers. The chewy and thick brews that warm our beer loving hearts through the chill of winter. So here is a quick guide on what you should be drinking Now in Charleston before the leaves start falling.


Fatty’s Beerworks:    9Doves. Hefeweizen 5.0%ABV 18 IBU 

Honoring the Charleston 9 from Mother Emanuel AME, they are buried in the graveyard behind Fatty’s Beerworks. A portion of the proceeds from 9Doves will be donated to improve the cemetery. 

Frothy Beard Brewing:   Watermelon Wheat. American Wheat 5.5%ABV 20 IBU

Hey Gallagher, I don’t think you have the melons for this beer! We bombard this American Wheat with 200 pounds of local watermelons to bring about this summertime favorite, perfect for a hot summer day!

Freehouse Brewery:   Blueberry Peche Sourlina. Fruit Ale 5.7%ABV

South Carolina Blueberry Peach Fruit Ale. Brewed with our house wild culture and local organic fruit, aged 8 weeks on first of season peaches, and then blended with blueberries for packaging. A berry tart and refreshing native ale with a complex fruit profile, and a sweetness to balance the mild acidity, giving you the best our state has to offer. Savor the season in a glass.

Cooper River Brewing:  Orange Infused Blonde Ale. Blonde Ale 4%ABV 22 IBU

Just as it sounds! Crystal Base Malt for a light American Blonde Ale. After the Ale was “crashed” to 34 degrees we infused sliced oranges into the fermentation vessel.  Let it sit for 10 more days, add carbonation, and this beauty arrived.

Charles Towne Fermentory:   Wallenius. Berliner Weisse 4.2%ABV

Meet Wallenius, our new’ish Berliner Weisse. Brewed for our 6 Month Anniversary, we haven’t made a formal introduction just yet. 4.2% and perfect for the hot weather. Lemon, peach, and a bright refreshing acidity. 

Holy City Brewing:   Pedishaw. Berliner Weisse 4.1%ABV

PediShaw is our first Berliner Weisse, and Holy City’s first kettle sour, named for rickshaw and pedicab drivers downtown, and it helps us to think of our humble beginnings, brewing in the bike shed before the brewery. Folks don’t tend to think “sour” when they think Holy City, but we have a history of honoring German brewing traditions from time to time. In that vein, it makes perfect sense. It’s refreshing, drinkable, not too tart, and low ABV. Just what Herr Doctor ordered.

Low Tide Brewing:   Coastal Harvest Gose. Gose 3.5%ABV

Instead of using salt for this gose we used naturally grown salicornia- aka “sea pickles” or “sea beans” found in the surrounding marshlands. This refreshing, salty and sour brew will have you yearning for more after your first sip!

Revelry Brewing:   Achtung!Drive By Fruiting. Berliner Weiss with Red Raspberry and Blackberry 4%ABV

Our drive-by fruiting series continues with this beautiful german inspired sour wheat with red raspberry & blackberry.  A perfect summer option, with looks to kill.

Tradesman Brewing:  Blueberry Harvester. 6.0%ABV 35 IBU

In keeping with tradition, we love it when we get to play with local produce.  This beer is a delicious blend of subtle traces of Blueberries counter balanced with herbal aromas from our in house saison yeast.  Light, crisply carbonated, and perfect for summer enjoyment.

Two Blokes Brewing:   Tart Vader. Berliner Weisse 5.3%ABV 4.5 IBU

This sour wheat is bright, tart and refreshing. Napoleon’s troops referred to Berliner Weisse as the “Champagne of the North” due to its lively and elegant character. Our representation of this classic German style wheat beer is kettle soured, and lightly hopped resulting in an acidic lemony tartness that is perfect for the summer heat. New to sours? “Give yourself to the Dark Side…”


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